Let’s protect the sea while it’s still there – and we’re still here

Let’s protect the sea while it’s still there – and we’re still here

It’s a different world down there. Below the surface at The Axis of the World, as the place is sometimes called in Balinese culture, Amed, East Bali. I’ve always loved water and I’ve always tried to spend as much time as possible in the water. 

When I first saw photos of surfing taken from the water I knew I wanted to take photos like that. And I’ve done so. But when I got to places where there weren’t no surfing I began to take my camera into the sea and go snorkelling. And that’s when the magic started happening. 

Just floating along in the sea slightly above the shallow reefs and taking photos of the fish and corals. I’ve never felt so connected to the world as I felt then. And water is the source of all life on earth so let’s protect it while it’s still here. And while we’re still here.

Swimming and snorkeling is one of my favorite activities. While I was in Bali I did so in the swimsuit I designed myself. It's made out of very good quality and now when I've gotten back it looks like it did when it was new even if it's been in salt water, swimming pools with chlorine and my washing machine. The bathing suit hasn't changed shape, the fabric still has its elasticity and the print looks good. Buying clothes that last long, and doesn't show wear and tear is one way to protect the environment. You don't need to replace your clothes that often. Since my products are made as Print on Demand, they are made after the order is placed, then there will be less waste which is a big problem in the clothing industry. That's why I decided to use POD for my shop.

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